I like a nicely decorated home and I guess so do you. If you have asked around for home decoration services, then you quickly realized that they are not cheap. However, just like me, you still want to decorate your home without having to break the bank. I have some great news for you. I will explain all the tricks and tips I have used to give my home a face-lift without making a dent in my finances.


Give the Room a Fresh Coat

Let’s begin with the basics. Painting is one of the easiest ways to transform a dull room into a bright room with the touch of a brush. However, painting is time-intensive, and at times I do not have the time to paint the whole room. What do I do? I repaint the trim, and it instantly changes the room’s appearance.


Scour Local Art Programs

I love art, and I have always dreamed of hanging an original Picasso painting in my room. However, my finances will not allow me to get a Picasso. I still love art and I will not let the fact that I cannot get a Picasso or Rembrandt discourage me. I contacted the local art college to see if they will be having any art shows soon so that I can get good and affordable art pieces. If you cannot make it to an art show, you can ask a local printer to print an image you like or even photos of your favorite holiday.


Go Big on Regular Fixtures

When getting furniture, I went for the best sofa I could get since it is a component that I use daily, especially since I have a family. On the other hand, I frugally shopped for other items like side chairs, accent tables, and secondary furniture since I do not use them frequently. As I shopped for my fixtures, I went for inexpensive, high-quality items from little known brands. I chose materials like sisal or glass cloth over wool for rugs since they can fit into any décor style, they are cheap, and can withstand heavy foot traffic.


Shop Inhouse

I discovered that sometimes I do not need to buy any new items to decorate my home. I make the most out of the pieces I have by moving them around or shifting them to another room to elevate the room.


Use Flea Markets and Antique Stores

I shop at antique stores and flea markets because I can land on some great deals for many unique pieces in mint condition. Even if the pieces are not perfect, they can be restored with a coat of paint, new lampshades or doorknobs.


Replacements Work Wonders

Room makeovers do not have to be expensive. Here are some quick and inexpensive ways I used to achieve an awesome room makeover.


  • Replacing the knobs and handles in my kitchen and bathroom.
  • Replacing light fixtures and lampshades
  • Dressing up my seats
  • Getting some throw pillows to update my sofa. You can change the throw pillows depending on the season.

Alter the Atmosphere

I wanted to change the feeling in one of the rooms, so I added some candles to create a feeling of coziness. The soft, dim light altered the room’s outlook and hid many flaws. If you want to have a feel of nature, you can bring in some live plants, bowls of fruit or fresh flowers. They aid to set the mood, scent the room, and give a sense of the season. Furthermore, remember that the containers are just as vital as their contents.



I know this sounds simple. However, if I want to alter a room without incurring any cost, I can start by decluttering. I have a bookshop, so I will begin there by arranging my books and adding my souvenirs and art. I also make my spaces neat.


If you are on a budget and are wondering how to begin redecorating your home, I hope the above tips have given you somewhere to start. Decorating your room does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming affair. The above tips clearly show that it can be done in an inexpensive manner and without taking up a lot of your time.